How to Give a Presentation*

Public speaking consistently ranks as one of the scariest experiences we can have. Yet presenting is a critical skill that can make the difference between success and failure. How can we give presentations in spite of our anxieties? In a practical, funny, and personal presentation, Jeff inspires audiences with a science-based approach for handling speaking challenges head-on. All attendees receive a copy of How to Give a Presentation* While Having a Panic Attack.

The Digital Customer -
Trends for 2020

From chatbots to voice, from smart watches to smart homes, digital innovations are constantly changing how customers interact with brands. Companies who use digital effectively to create powerful customer experiences will be rewarded! Based on 20 years of digital trend-watching, Jeff shows audiences which innovations are passing fads ... and which are here to stay. Using case studies and exercises, he gives attendees a roadmap for innovating effectively in the year ahead.

What's Your Change Style?

Disruption doesn't come easy for most organizations. Often, the biggest challenge we face isn't external—it's actually how we respond to the disruption. In this interactive session, Jeff empowers audiences to understand their own styles of change response, and how to apply what they learn to real-world change initiatives. Ideal for companies and teams facing major disruption, What's Your Change Style? brings insight and clarity through self-knowledge, based around the science of change.

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